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Coming Home…

Happy Healthy Yoni

How to remain connected to our most cherished and most beautiful aspects of ourselves as females?

We often get caught up in being for others and lose ourselves, due to our innate nurturing disposition. 

So, it’s been a long day, week, long visit with the parents…. how to come back home, to the heart of love?


She reminds me that stretching the body, releasing stress and other peoples projections that we’ve taken on is the perfect place to start. Deep breathing with the heart as the main center of focus.

Noticing what is needing to be released……

As this happens, our body opens and we begin to feel again, the awareness even drops down to the root chakra. We begin to feel ourself as a woman again…

In this practice, feeling is the key. Feeling from the heart, the yoni, the skin, the body, the nerves, the emotions, absolutely investigating and experiencing all feeling, and flowing with it. Staying open to the sensations.

Send your sensitive roots deeply into earth (Gaia), feeling Gaia DEEPLY. Breathing her back up into your being as if she is your most beloved.

Ask her to connect with you Continue this breath up through your legs. You will feel your yoni begin to tingle as she merges with you. Nurturing you with her immense love.

Now, you must be feeling juicy and sensual, coming into  your Sacred Space. 

With your yoni (vagina) as your main focus, move. Dance.

Feel the pleasure of really moving her as she desires.

Start moving slowly, move the hips, yes, it will look very sexy and that’s good!!!!

Dance your entire body from your yoni and for her  pleasure. Make love to yourself through this dance. Deeply Please Her.

Feel the silkiness of your hair, your skin, your smooth breath, the air on your skin, notice all sensation we take for granted when we get too fast.

This planet is a very sensual and sexual place to be. We lose touch with our femininity when we lose touch with feeling.

To be in touch with our femininity we are in touch with earth and her deep sexiness. During the dance, touch yourself as you would your most beloved lover. Drink in your love. Feel the exquisite sensation your love is.

To fully understand how incredibly exquisite you are, you must lose yourself in this ecstatic state of dance and feeling. 

Only here can you sense who and what you are as a woman, and the essence you have to share, your unique gift.

Enjoy the sense of opening your heart in this state. Continue this for at least ten minutes, twenty is even better.

Sometimes you might get glimpses of times past or future, your deep knowing will emerge as you connect more deeply to you.

This is just part of the benefit, always begin without expectation and allow Her to teach and  give  you what you most need each time.

When you feel complete, end by holding yourself in an embrace of unconditional love for yourself for at least a minute, deeply feeling.

Focus on this.

Give yourself this gift every day. You will transform. You will become very beautiful in every way.

Paulo Coelho wrote a book called “The Witch of Portobello Road”, which describes the magic inherent in a practice like this. 

*Play music, sensual music with a  good beat. You will want to have a beat to connect to earth. If the music is too airy this won’t work.

It is a gift to be a woman, especially now. The more in touch you are with your deepest aspects the easier you will manifest because you will emanate from love and truth, contentment and passion.

Connected to your Self there is only love and the knowledge we are all one anyway. 

L O V E,


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