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Kissing In Argentina…………..

No, unfortunately it wasn’t me doing the kissing. My senses were deeply involved by observation.

WOW!!!!! I can’t wait to be doing some kissing.

I’ve been really thinking about the essence of being a woman, as you might have already guessed. I witnessed some beautiful

raw surrendered states of ecstasy. The women hold their essence and  their beloved  showers them with intense passion.

The women receive and hold the juice which increases the voltage of electricity they both experience. They  show their vulnerable,

surrendered face of pleasure and ecstasy to the world. Absolutely scintillatingly exquisite to behold.

I absolutely LOVE this. I also love kissing in public.

The point being….. As women we contain the currents of love, of shakti. Our very essence is of the Cup of Love. The emamation of

this love and radiance is really enough. Imagine a beautiful fountain. The foundation contains the water. The water represents the

emotions and love, the water moves through and up the structure and creates beautiful plays of sensations to experience and

behold, the fountain represents the structure, the beauty, the form this essence/shakti moves through. The water is dancing and

playing and resting within the form. Witnessing the voluptuous kissing in Buenos Aires I learned how just BE-ing delights all senses.

The BE-ing is enough. We, as women are enough.

Come to the fountain. Be refreshed, delighted and inspired. Play in my waters….

Awaken Oh Goddess to the truth and beauty you embody….

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