Uncorking the Genie’s Bottle

  • Hello,

I am embarking on a quest to discover and share the essence of Divine Femininity. This has been a lifelong quest and I already have discovered many keys, there are so many more.

I seek to learn and grow and birth together…..

 Elusive yet is the reality I seek to embody, breathe, live, experience all ways.  

I have had many moments in this lifetime where She fully enveloped me. It was and is sublime. I love it. I also realize we are collectively birthing Her. Or more appropriately, She is birthing us.

She wants to share and express through us and divulge so much more than we can even imagine now. I am so excited to begin this journey and hope to meet many Gods and Goddesses on the fragrant  rose-strewn path to Her.

Even as I write she is here. She tells me the best way to experience Her is to ask Her to enter each breath and to fill every cell. This is a start.

She will gladly dance with you and teach you her ways. We must be patient, soft  and open-hearted to receive Her blessings. She asks us to honor her consort, Divine Masculine and treat Him with honor as we would our own Beloved partner, dear father, brother and son. He has much to teach as well about honoring Her.

About me: I have lived in California most of my life. Embarking on many journeys of self-discovery, healing and growth along the way. I have a son who has graced my life for 22 years. He has very definite deep knowledge of the earth ways. I seem to have come from a more ethereal place and have enjoyed connecting my essence with our Beloved Earth to further ground my knowing and soul on this plane.

I practice energetic healing modalities, commune with Angels and I am a kundalini yoga instructor and am an entrepreneur. I love to travel to places where the Goddess is recognized, acknowledged and honored. I also love being in nature and worshipping the Beloved through Its creation. 

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