touched by LOVE

It’s happening, the mojo returns. My juicy feminine, loving nature. It’s beautiful and powerful. I know it. I also know it’s an answer to my prayers to God/Goddess to live in my truest Divine nature. Which I seriously can’t take credit for because it’s coming through me. It is Divininty, pure raw Grace. And I am grateful to feel this way. This blog-journey was begun … Continue reading touched by LOVE

Uncorking the Genie’s Bottle

Hello, I am embarking on a quest to discover and share the essence of Divine Femininity. This has been a lifelong quest and I already have discovered many keys, there are so many more. I seek to learn and grow and birth together…..  Elusive yet is the reality I seek to embody, breathe, live, experience all ways.   I have had many moments in this lifetime … Continue reading Uncorking the Genie’s Bottle