Flower Power

There exists a kingdom of Elementals who work in the Realm of Flowers.

This post is not about the Elementals per se, except that one whispered to me and taught me a beautiful secret I wish to share.She said it was ok!

As we are not nearly as solid and fixed as our egos would make us out to be, this is actually plausible…

When one comes into communion with a flower, a flower wants to share it’s life’s offering of beauty, inspiration and connection to the Divine through it’s color, it’s fragrance and if you are receptive enough, a message, maybe a twinkling sparkle, or a new thought, or tranquility, happiness or remembrance.

One morning after a heavy rain, I put my nose into a rose and the drops of rainwater left on my face were the most exquisite taste ever. The point being, the flowers wish to impart their beauty through all the senses and even inhalation of the essence of the flower into your being. It’s actually deeply transformative. You really must try it! And trust me, it works! It will uplift your mood, change your thoughts and if this becomes a practice you will become the beauty of the rose and all flowers.

Just be open, still, tender and grateful. Their secrets and elixir,  will be generously offered. Always give thanks, praise and recognition to the flower during this mingling of essence. Leave the flower some of your beauty as well through your recognition of it’s offering. Let the flower soothe your heart and soul, help you remember who you really are in your truest essence.

Try this: gaze deeply at the petals with sunlight on them and notice their true crystalline nature, with prismatic hues of every shade. Is this not an incredible being of light?

Life is so good!!!!

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