Kissing In Argentina…………..

No, unfortunately it wasn’t me doing the kissing. My senses were deeply involved by observation. WOW!!!!! I can’t wait to be doing some kissing. I’ve been really thinking about the essence of being a woman, as you might have already guessed. I witnessed some beautiful raw surrendered states of ecstasy. The women hold their essence and  their beloved  showers them with intense passion. The women … Continue reading Kissing In Argentina…………..

touched by LOVE

It’s happening, the mojo returns. My juicy feminine, loving nature. It’s beautiful and powerful. I know it. I also know it’s an answer to my prayers to God/Goddess to live in my truest Divine nature. Which I seriously can’t take credit for because it’s coming through me. It is Divininty, pure raw Grace. And I am grateful to feel this way. This blog-journey was begun … Continue reading touched by LOVE