touched by LOVE

It’s happening, the mojo returns. My juicy feminine, loving nature. It’s beautiful and powerful. I know it. I also know it’s an answer to my prayers to God/Goddess to live in my truest Divine nature. Which I seriously can’t take credit for because it’s coming through me. It is Divininty, pure raw Grace. And I am grateful to feel this way.

This blog-journey was begun on a quest for this type of experience, connecting to the Divine Feminine, the lover, the mother, the daughter, sister, friend. The Love is beginning to stir, moving me, teaching me to recognize the availability of love with each crystalline rising of breath, every now, an opportunity to witness The Pure Shining One in All. Nothing is easier, and also more challenging. 

As this happens to me there are new shadows readily visible, and more painful beliefs to release. Authenticity is being called for. Love requires my courage to shine on and in all the strangely contorted spaces in my psyche where separation existed for “comfort” and “safety” . Fewer places to hide out. Love demands to breathe the pure and clear air of ultimate truth to exist. It must be nourished by ITSelf.

So the journey began with ecstasy and now requires courage and true strength. At the root of courage is coeur, heart. Oh my mind, why do you try to trick me back into the darkness, fear and pain of my powerless ego? God is Love….. can’t control God.

Rise with love, soar in the currents while holding the wings open, steadfast concentration and trust simultaneous…

Pray for me to surrender ever more to the only thing which is real and true. You know what I’m talking about…… 

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  1. Ceslie…you are your divine feminine essence…I am so happy and grateful to be a witness to your awakening to your authentic goddess self darling LOL Gretchen Maria

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