Kissing In Argentina…………..

No, unfortunately it wasn’t me doing the kissing. My senses were deeply involved by observation. WOW!!!!! I can’t wait to be doing some kissing. I’ve been really thinking about the essence of being a woman, as you might have already guessed. I witnessed some beautiful raw surrendered states of ecstasy. The women hold their essence and  their beloved  showers them with intense passion. The women … Continue reading Kissing In Argentina…………..

touched by LOVE

It’s happening, the mojo returns. My juicy feminine, loving nature. It’s beautiful and powerful. I know it. I also know it’s an answer to my prayers to God/Goddess to live in my truest Divine nature. Which I seriously can’t take credit for because it’s coming through me. It is Divininty, pure raw Grace. And I am grateful to feel this way. This blog-journey was begun … Continue reading touched by LOVE

Use Me……. A love-letter to givers and The Giver of All

More and more the message is coming through to be of service. This looks like giving freely of my time without expectation of any kind of reward. Except the reward to be had in giving…. I feel as if I’m in a vacuum and if I don’t do something soon I’ll implode. I NEED to give to live! This is true. So, I’m in Bali … Continue reading Use Me……. A love-letter to givers and The Giver of All