Use Me……. A love-letter to givers and The Giver of All

the essence of giving, the water which blesses all who partake and the palpable love of The Divine Mother

More and more the message is coming through to be of service. This looks like giving freely of my time without expectation of any kind of reward. Except the reward to be had in giving…. I feel as if I’m in a vacuum and if I don’t do something soon I’ll implode. I NEED to give to live! This is true. So, I’m in Bali and there are many ways to offer myself and serve. I’ve been meeting people constantly lately whom I admire and ALL consistently serve. I feel a block about it, insecurity about what I can truly offer, but until I follow this guidance, things are at a standstill. I know it. I know it as surely as I know anything.
At the moment I’m just giving money to beggars, which doesn’t fulfill me because I don’t want to enable this lifestyle for young children and young mothers. It’s a place to start.
Oh Dear Creator, I offer myself in love. Please use me. I know you have guided me and now I need the courage to act on guidance.
This is the first step in reclaiming my identity as a being of light and love. As I shift my focus to serving and giving, the real magic of living will flow through me in the most excruciatingly beautiful way.
I acknowledge all who are in service in all ways. In gratitude for your shining example, I bow in praise.
Love, Ceslie

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